Swap any asset for your desired asset across multiple chains in just one transaction

Securely and efficiently operated on Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) of Circle

Route Values for Web3

Bridge or cross-chain swap your assets among Ethereum, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, Noble, Solana, Base and Polygon in a secure, low-cost, and fast way. ValueRouter is a unified protocol that simplifies multi-chain asset swaps by integrating Circle CCTP and DEXes, empowering developers to build cross-chain dApps and enabling users to effortlessly route assets to any major DeFi platform

Aggregator of dApps

ValueRouter enhances the decentralized application (dApp) landscape with its robust generic cross-chain messaging capabilities. As a dynamic aggregator of dApps across various chains, ValueRouter promotes broader integration and interaction among a diverse range of dApps. Users can conveniently access and engage with popular dApps on any chain, regardless of where their assets are held. Focused on connectivity and user accessibility, ValueRouter is an essential platform for dApps aiming to optimize their presence in the decentralized world.

The Future of Seamless, Customizable, and Agile DeFi Asset Management

Security PrioritizedSecurity takes top priority at ValueRouter, with a dedicated team partnering with industry-leading experts to ensure maximum platform safety. Bridging is secured by Circle CCTP and ValueRouter relayer
Seamless DeFi experienceInteroperability challenges between different chains need not be a barrier to the free movement of assets; ValueRouter facilitates value routing while preserving the unique consensus mechanisms of each chain
Flexible CustomizationAPI and SDK tools enable dApp partners to customize the user value swap experience to meet unique requirements and preferences

How it works

How asset routing works